BEST WOODS to the world 

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We export woods from Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, 
 and Peru.


One of our areas of expertise is woods. 

We work with sawmills and lumber distribution channels worldwide.  We specify and source products, and manage the export & import logistics to market.  We export to many countries selling these woods products and we work with sustainably harvested lumber.

We export woods like  Balsa, Balsamo, Bocote, Capirona, Cumaru, Radiata pine, RedCedar,  Ipe, Jatoba, Granadillo, Mahogany, Marupa, Mascarey, Monkeypod, Morado, Nanciton, Palo santo, Patula pine, Red Oak, Saman, Teak, Tigerwood,  Verawood,  Walnut, White Oak and others.

Available in round logs, blocks, cants, squares, strips, boards, planks, flooring and decking, depend of wood specie.

Special offers from Ecuador: 

BALSA WOOD KD, up to 5 containers per month.

Balsamo in blocks, called santos mahogany too. Very fragrant wood.

Mascarey slabs available.

Cheap prices, large sizes.

Our website:  (WOODS)

Email: [email protected]